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2020-2-21 · Tractor front brackets were cast using flake cast iron HT250 (Chinese grade, equivalent to American No.35 grade) and spheroidal graphite cast iron QT450 (Chinese grade, equivalent to American 65‐45‐12 grade), respectively. The raw materials of HT250 were ~15 wt.% pig iron, 55

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2020-8-6 · Purchase Cast Iron Technology - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9780408015127, 9781483192307


2017-4-10 · Nodular Cast Iron In case of dynamically loaded components, ductility is an important property in addition to strength. In this case, the globular form of graphite is desired as it occurs in tempered iron or especially nodular cast iron. A Brazil made compact car uses a piston ring produced with nodular cast iron

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2019-12-16 · Gray cast iron is formed by slow cooling during the smelting process. The presence of a large amount of silicon can promote graphitization. Gray cast iron is a high strength inoculated cast iron (also known as metamorphic cast iron), which is obtained by inoculation. It has excellent casting, cutting, wear resistance and shock absorption.

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The present invention discloses a vanadium-titanium compacted graphite cast iron brake disk and a manufacturing method thereof. The components of the vanadium-titanium compacted graphite cast iron brake disk comprise, by weight, 3.8-4.2% of carbon, 1.8-2.2% of silicon, 0.4-0.6% of manganese, 0.15-0.34% of vanadium, 0.05-0.08% of titanium, 0.1-0.3% of chromium, 0.03-0.06% of sulfur, 0.05-0.09%

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Volume 1A provides practical information on the science and engineering of cast iron from its earliest uses to the latest advances in thin-wall and heavy-section ductile iron castings. The volume opens with a brief history, followed by a thorough review of the metallurgy of cast irons and the thermodynamic forces that drive microstructure

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Cast Iron Alloys 2.7% RE, 39.5%Si With Omogeneous Composition For Casting Iron FOB Price: Negotiable Min. Order: 1 Tons; Cast Iron Re-Si-Fe Alloys FeSiMg ( 6 - 1 ) Mg 5 - 7% With SiMg8RE3 For Nodular Cast Iron FOB Price: Negotiable Min. Order: 1 ; 6.2 % Mg Cast Iron Re-Si-Fe Alloys Nodulize Containing 0.09 % Bi For Metal Foundry FOB Price

Effect of Compositional Changes on the Mechanical

Zhou W., Zhu H., Zhang D, Zheng H., Hua Q. and Zhai Q:” Niobium Alloying Effectin High Carbon Equivalent Grey Cast iron China Foundry Vol. 8., No. 1, Pp. 36-40,2011 Agbu S: “The Iron and Steel


Without need to sedulously decrease carbon content, cast iron strength can also be improved, so as to improve machining performance. (6) In-Mould inoculants is the best resource-economic and inoculation-effective process mode, casting system is installed with ceramic foam filter, both form a coination to produce high quality castings.In-mould

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Ductile iron casting refers to a process in which magnesium / cerium (as an alloy of magnesium / cerium) is added to cast iron. It reacts with the sulfur and oxygen in the molten iron and changes the way the graphite is formed. Ductile cast iron (also called as spheroidal graphite cast iron or nodular cast iron) has been widely used as a main industrial material in place of high-grade cast iron.

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We use Oxford Instruments spectrometer to check the chemical composition for every heat, components conform to the requirements of the process before the iron. Each casting ladle pouring tap on a block, tapping experiment was carried out, judge the inoculation.

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Producing the appropriate carbon level in steel is of critical importance in order to create the desired characteristics of the final product. These include tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, and other physical properties. In steel production, Desulco® is typically used in high grade steels, such as medium to high carbon steels (0.5% – 0.8% C), steel cord (wire mesh for

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The main objective of the current work is to investigate the influence of different inoculation conditions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of heavy section ductile iron (DI) castings. Inoculation treatment was done via one step and double step treatments with different amounts of inoculants. The mechanical properties of the fabried samples were evaluated.

Effect of Inoculation on Turning Machinability of Gray

Effect of Inoculation on Turning Machinability of Gray Cast Iron 2012-01-1823 Turning is the widely machining process used for brake rotor manufacturing while turning cost is a one factors that many has a huge impact on manufacturing cost for second tier manufacturer so increase tool life is always needed developed in second tier manufacturer.


Ductile iron expansion is mainly provided with large flexible, easy installation, the product main material for nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron is mainly through spheroidization and inoculation by spherical graphite, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness increased, resulting in

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It is mainly applied in deoxidizer, desulfurization agent, reducing agent, addition agent, alloy agent, temperature-increasing agent for steel melting and foundry, as well as the nucleating agent, inoculating agent and vermiculating agent for cast iron or magnesium treatment of nodular cast iron. It is applicable for inoculation in all castings.

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2020-8-7 · Product Details. Din En 877 & BS EN 877 Cast Grey Iron Pipes. 1. Long service life: the use of high-quality low sulfur, low phosphorus iron, manganese, silicon, with a variety of raw materials, iron solution through special inoculation treatment, grain refinement, greatly improved the tensile strength and impact performance.

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In cast iron metallurgy inoculation is usually applied to encourage and promote the formation of a distinctive, dominant graphite phase within one of the eutectic constituents during solidifiion, thereby limiting the formation of the undesirable competing eutectic, in which iron carbide replaces the graphite phase [2–4]. Addition of one of

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The invention discloses a type of nodular cast iron piston ring, which is formed according foundry and fabriing with nodular cast iron as its palasome. Its character rests on that it contains the following chemical compositions (percentages by weight): C 2.5-4.5%

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2020-8-8 · Steel is a great deal stronger than iron. These developments eventually made it possible to produce large amounts of steel cheaply. In the 1800s, the mass production of steel was crucial to the Industrial Revolution in the West. Today, iron and steel making are among China’s most important industries. Military Technology


As-cast high strength ductile iron products (QT 800-5) For the production of high strength ductile iron QT 700-2, QT 800-2 QT 900-2, the heat treatment method is used.

Niobium alloying in grey cast iron for vehicle brake discs

2018-7-10 · Microstructural effects of Nb-alloying in grey cast iron In order to clarify the effect of Nb-alloying in grey cast iron, laboratory heats of various Nb contents have been produced. The initially charged materials were clean low-silicon pig iron and steel scrap. Fe-65%Nb alloy was added to the furnace charge and treated to full dissolution.

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