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(b) Explain why substance A will conduct electricity when molten, but not when solid. QUESTION (2005:5) For each of the three uses of different crystalline solids below, discuss the property identified by relating the property to the structure and bonding within the solid.

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Graphite. These layers can slide over each other, so graphite is much softer than diamond. It is used in pencils, and as a lubricant . Graphite conducts electricity due to the ‘spare’ electrons being delocalised between the layers. Why is graphite used in pencils

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Only a few weeks ago, we reported on the new technology of organic computers. Here''s something similar: organic plastic that conducts electricity. Why plastic? Because it''s cheaper, thinner, lighter, and faster than silicon. This technology is already available in States of matter - MrMortonScience

Graphite will not melt until the temperature reaches 4000 K. Graphite conducts electricity but iodine is a very poor conductor of electricity. (a)€€€€ State the type of crystal structure for each of iodine and graphite.

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Graphene conducts electricity and is used in loudsers. The picture shows the structure of graphene. (a) Use the picture and your knowledge of bonding in graphite to:(i) explain why graphene is …


1.(a) State one use of graphite [1m] (b) Both graphite and diamond are allotropes of element Carbon. Graphite conducts electricity whereas diamond does not. Explain [2m] 2. Below is a simplifed scheme of Solvay process. Study it and answer the questions that

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Because it conducts electricity but does not melt, graphite is also used for electrodes in electric furnaces and dry cells as well as for making crucibles in which metals are melted. Molecules of fullerene show promise in a range of appliions, including high-tensile-strength materials, unique electronic and energy-storage devices, and safe encapsulation of flammable gases, such as hydrogen .

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Well there are two answers the wood on the pencil does not conduct electricity which means it is a insulator, but the graphite (lead) is a conductor of electricity.Yes, Pencil Lead does conduct Electricity. Copper, Gold and Silver though are the best conductors.

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Graphite substance is used in pencils that is made of thin, weakly bonded layers of carbon. Graphene is being used to improved the capacity, longevity and charge rate of batteries. Graphene is pliable like rubber and can carry a thousand times more electricity than

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Why graphite conducts electricity? Sample question: The structure of graphite has one feature in common with that of the metals. This feature allows graphite to conduct electricity. Suggest what is this feature is and why it allows graphite to conduct electricity.

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A conductor is a substance that conducts electricity but is not chemically changed in the process. (E.g. carbon, metals and alloys) Insulators: Solid covalent non-metals don’t conduct electricity as there are no electrons that can carry electricity as they are

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18/12/2010· Graphite does not behave by the definition of a semi conductor because it has good forward and back direction of electricity while semi-conductors dont. In case of graphite the carbon atoms naturally coine covalently with three other carbon atoms so every coined carbon has one unshared or free electron.

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Why the focus on graphite? Graphite is the thinnest and strongest material ever developed. It is 200 times stronger than steel and several times tougher than a diamond. Furthermore, it conducts both electricity and heat better than copper.


3/10/2018· conducts electricity. The delocalised electrons are free to move throughout the sheets. If a piece of graphite is connected into a circuit, electrons can fall off one end of the sheet and be replaced with new ones at the other end.

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Most microchips are currently made from silicon due to its effective semi-conducting properties. A semiconductor is something which conducts electricity, but only partially. Semiconductors are the foundation of most electronic devices as they allow the building of gates and switches in a circuit.

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1. Explain why a metal conducts electricity when solid or molten but an ionic compound conducts only when molten and not when solid. 2. Explain why the melting point increases from top to bottom going down group 7 (the halogens). 3. a) Which type of

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Graphite materials are used as the anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Facts about Graphite Graphite word comes from the word “Graphene” which means to write or draw in ancient greek. Graphite is the only non-metal that conducts electricity. This is due to

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Graphite, a form of elemental carbon, can be turned into diamond, another form of carbon, at very high temperatures and pressures. Elemental carbon is a black, dull-looking solid that conducts heat and electricity well. It is very brittle and cannot be made into


(ii)€€€€€why graphene conducts electricity. (2) (b) €€€€Suggest why a sheet of graphite which has a large nuer of carbon layers would not be

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(d)Why is graphite soft? .. 11. Sodium sulphide, Na 2S, is a high melting point solid which conducts electricity when molten. Carbon disulphide, CS 2, is a liquid which does not conduct electricity. (a) Deduce the type of bonding present in Na 2S and that 2 2.

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(iv) Graphite conducts electricity but diamond does not. Draw a labelled diagram to explain how you would show this in the laboratory. 9. Sand is silicon(IV)oxide. It has a macromolecular structure. Carbon dioxide has a molecular

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26/7/2020· Silicon, Si 7 Which allotrope (form) of pure carbon conducts electricity? Diamond Buckminsterfullerene Graphite 8 Which allotrope (form) of pure carbon is the hardest? Diamond Buckminsterfullerene